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Difference Between India and Bharat

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1. India means group of Indian city and Bharat means group of Bhartiy villege ?

2. India/Indian means promote to English culture and forget Bharat and Bhartiy culture ?

3. India/Indian means luxuriers and powerful people which is rule on Bharat and Bhartiy ?

4. India Government why ask caste and religion from Bhartiy people ? Because they follow rule "Divide and Rule" on Bharat/Bhartiy people ?

5. Indian best brain going to abroad i.e.Scientist/Engineers and Doctor giving his service to American people instead of Bhartiy people, why ? Why not make beautiful Bharat then America ? You don't know true Bhartiy Dr.Abdul Kalam Azad ?

6. Indian Govt. import kids toys from China ? Why not we make toys for our Bhartiy kids ?

7. Indian means literate and Bharatiya means educationist ?

8. Indian wants Sex Education and Bharatiya demand Yog Education for our childrens ?

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